Weve been busy - check out our gallery

2015 has been a great year for T1. We have hired new team members and tackled several monsterous projects for our clients. Check out some of the great jobs and awesome clients of 2015. We look forward to an even busier 2016. Check out our Facebook Galleries

We Enhance the user experience - see what that means for you.

T1 Technologies builds environments that change people's work lives. We create more connectivity, greater productivity and improved communications because we understand the uniquely human side of technology, how it connects to us and enriches our lives. Read more

Business VoIP Telephone systems - Omaha Nebraska

Let's face it, not all telephone systems are created equal. When it comes to business telephone systems, our focus is to design a system that will address all of your call flow and connectivity issues. Browse our voice solution product offerings here.

Residential Home Automation Solutions

Automate your home. The power of a truly connected home is in the details. More than having automated lights, or a thermostat that adjusts on schedule, we integrate the intelligence from all of your connected devices and make your house an ecosystem that learns. read more